Ashwagandha Protein Powder
Ashwagandha Protein Powder
Ashwagandha Protein Powder
Ashwagandha Protein Powder
Ashwagandha Protein Powder
Ashwagandha Protein Powder

Ashwagandha Protein Powder

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Designed to boost mood, memory, lean muscle, and fertility, while also helping reduce stress and anxiety. Get more energy and a sharper mind instead of just muscle growth.

Many of us could only dream about gaining lean muscle, keeping a sharp mind, and having a healthy drive before ChampLife Ashwagandha Protein. That's why we give you more than just protein. While most protein powders contain only whey, soy, pea, or rice, ChampLife's whey protein contains an adaptogen to help you recover quickly and keep your body fueled & conditioned.

ChampLife Ashwagandha Protein is a premium-sourced whey protein powder enriched with ashwagandha. Designed to help reverse the effects of stress, insomnia, aging, and anxiety, ChampLife Ashwagandha Protein is a natural boost for the mind and body. Add ChampLife Ashwagandha Protein to milk, coffee, water, or even baked goods to feel and look like a champion.

ChampLife Ashwagandha Protein Benefits:
✔ Relieves Stress and Anxiety
✔ Lowers Blood Sugar and Fat
✔ Increases Muscle and Strength
✔ Improves Female Libido
✔ Boosts Fertility and Testosterone Levels in Men
✔ Sharpens Focus and Memory
✔ Supports Heart Health
✔ Improves Immune Function
✔ Gluten-Free
✔ Eat, Drink, or Bake
Our protein powder works best when paired with our ChampLife BCAA!

**These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*
Why is ashwagandha perfect for champions?
Known as Indian ginseng, Ashwagandha grows naturally in the Himalayas and northern India and is known for its reputation for revitalizing the body and enhancing bedroom performance. Our ashwagandha formula helps you build lean muscle faster and improve muscle recovery. As a bonus, ashwagandha reduces swelling, lowers blood pressure, and boosts immunity, making it a super-herb that aids the body's overall health. Start seeing real results, naturally!

Relieves Stress and Anxiety
In several studies, ashwagandha demonstrated its ability to significantly reduce stress and anxiety in participants, making it one of the most popular stress-relief herbs.

Lowers Blood Sugar and Fat
In a few small clinical studies, ashwagandha is found to lower blood glucose levels and triglycerides (the most common blood type of fat), and one study even compared the effects of ashwagandha to those of type 2 diabetes medications.

Increases Muscle and Strength
Ashwagandha has been shown to increase strength and muscle size in several studies. In one study, speed and strength were increased, and in another study, muscle power was increased, along with reduced body fat and cholesterol.

Improves Female Libido
At least one clinical study showed ashwagandha can benefit women experiencing low libido, with significant improvements in arousal, physical comfort, pleasure, and overall satisfaction, according to participants. As a result, they improved the number of successful bedroom encounters and felt less distress and more confident going into an intimate encounter.

Boosts Fertility and Testosterone Levels in Men
Ashwagandha may also provide reproductive benefits for men. It has also been shown to improve your swimmers quality significantly in infertile men by rebalancing reproductive hormones. Additionally, in a stress-related study involving ashwagandha, testosterone levels were significantly elevated in men, but not in women.

Sharpens Focus and Memory
Ashwagandha may help improve cognition, memory and the ability to perform motor responses after instruction. Small studies have shown that ashwagandha significantly improves reaction times on cognitive and psychomotor tests, as well as attention spans and immediate and general memory.

Supports Heart Health
Ashwagandha can boost your VO2 max levels, which is how much oxygen you can take in when you're exercising. In cardiorespiratory endurance, these levels measure how well your heart and lungs deliver oxygen to your muscles when you work out. As a result, a high VO2 max can indicate a healthy heart that works well under those circumstances.

Improves Immune Function
Ashwaganda has been shown to improve the body's resilience to stress, thereby improving the body's immunity to disease by improving cell-mediated immunity, according to several studies. Moreover, it contains potent antioxidants that aid in the prevention of free radical damage to the cellular membrane.

**These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*
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How ChampLife's high performance supplement stack works


Get more time under tension and increase your working volumes with our pre-workout, so you can lift heavier for longer, creating progressive overload that will maximize gains.


During a lift, free-testosterone and HGH levels begin to drop after about 25-45 minutes, which is when the creatine in our pre-workout helps stave off muscle fatigue.


You can extend your workouts and keep your overload progressing by taking our BCAAs, which will help you with active recovery, enabling you to work harder for longer.


After tearing down your body, your muscles have micro-tears, so our Ashwagandha Protein uses protein as a building block & testosterone as a labor force to rebuild them.


Supporting your natural systems will allow you to work out longer, tear down more muscle fibers, and rebuild faster, which will give you compound strength gains.


The body works on a natural feedback loop based on genetics, age, activity, and demand, but our complete training system will help your body reach a new standard.

every champ needs a support system

Less supplements, more hard work. ChampLife™ is here to support you on your journey to the top, naturally. 

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